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Welcome to my Pilates website!

Here you can find out about me, my classes and easily book online!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions

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Pilates Classes





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"What a wonderful setting, in the paddock. Beautiful views, sunshine, lovely relaxing atmosphere. Then Louise got us to work!! Very comprehensive, paced very well, certainly helped my lower back. I'd definitely recommend her as a Pilates instructor, and an amazing setting for a class!! - "Simon

"I started my Pilates journey with Louise with 1-1 classes due to underlying health problems but have now progressed to enjoying mixed ability classes via zoom and in person. She is highly professional, an excellent teacher and creates fun and varied classes. Benefits for me have been life-changing! Would highly recommend" -Julie

"I started 1-1  Pilates with Louise as a complete beginner after having my third child and can't recommend it highly enough. This is by far the best post-natal class I've done for both body and mind! Louise has tailored each 1-1 session expertly and thoughtfully to help me gently return to exercise and regain my core strength. She is a wonderful teacher and creates a lovely calm atmosphere so I always look forward to every session, not only to see the progress I've made but also for the guaranteed relaxation and 'me time'. Thank you Louise" - Emily

"I have been participating for several month online. It allows me to do group classes in the comfort of my own home, but still feels like having personal 1-1 live tuition. Louise guides and encourages you through very move, setting up the body for various abilities and options to choose. Being a beginner and having a few injuries I was anxious in doing any sort of exercise class but Loulou-pilates has helped me build up core strength giving me confidence in every day life. She is a great teacher and I can't recommend her enough. Thank you Louise!" Deborah, 53

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